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CX Trainings is anchored by Jed Beal

Jed is a life-long entrepreneur who opened his first business in 2011. He worked hard for a number of years to create a thriving workplace with competitive jobs and great benefits, and a culture of world class customer experience. Within 5 years, he was able to hand daily operations over to a manager and dedicate his time to growth and service in other areas. He worked full time for one of the largest coaching organizations in the world coaching a large variety of business leaders globally. He continues to be involved in the business, working ON it not IN it, constantly exploring new ways of improving the customer and employee experience.

  • Certified Customer Experience Executive by DiJulius Group.
  • Certified by the Disney Institute
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Executive Coach

In addition to owning and operating a successful business, Jed and his wife of 20 years, Nicole, support and contribute to numerous charities and regularly participate in service trips to Mexico.

When not working or serving others, Jed and Nicole can be found traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, food, art, adventure, and languages. Some of their favorite trips have included hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu, staying on a houseboat in the canals of Amsterdam, visiting Shanghai Disney, exploring the Amazon rainforest, and climbing pyramids in Mexico. Jed also loves to study world religions, biohacking, cryptocurrency, and is an avid collector of 80’s memorabilia and Nike Jordan 1’s.